Book Repairs & Pickup

Online Booking Information

We have created a new, fully digital booking process for all handpieces and small equipment repairs.

Before you book:

  • Please ensure your contact information and account numbers are correct, as this is where your confirmation and quote will be sent to.
  • If you are sending in small equipment (curing lights, apex locators, etc.), please ensure all power cables, charging docks and relevant accessories are included so we may test full functionality of your equipment.
  • All items must be sterilised before dispatch. If your items cannot be autoclaved, please ensure all parts are cleaned of any contamination. Any items received deemed contaminated will be returned unassessed immediately. If you are unsure how to decontaminate your equipment, please contact us or the manufacturer to confirm.
  • If you believe it is a warranty issue, please ensure your Henry Schein invoice number is correctly inputted for our technicians to assess. Failure to include this will result in delays in assessing your claim.

For handpieces and small equipment

Please complete the below booking form. Do not use this form for EMS Airflow units.

Book Service & Pickup

Click here to book your service and pickup for handpieces and all other small equipment. Please do not book EMS Airflow units using this link.

For EMS Airflow Units

Please submit your service request first. We will contact you as soon as possible with confirmation of your request and your rental units arrival (if you have requested a rental unit). Once you have received your rental unit(s), you may book your EMS Airflow unit(s) to be picked up.

Step 1 Request Service

Click here to request service, repair and rentals for EMS Airflow units.

Step 2 Book Pickup

Once we receive your request, we’ll review it and email you a link to book your EMS Airflow pickup. If you have opted to receive a rental unit, please only book your pickup once you have received your rental unit.