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    Free Reply Paid Pack

    Fill out the form on the left, to request a FREE reply paid pack. Post bag to Locked Bag 5045, Australia Post Business Centre, 10 Ralph Street Alexandria, NSW 2015

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    No Obligation Quote

    Once we receive your handpiece, we will assess the work needed to service/repair your handpiece, and diagnose any issues before sending through a quote.

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    24 -48 Hour Repair/Service

    Turnaround times are 24 to 48 hours and you can track repair progress on-line 24 hours a day. Most high speeds are repaired the same day. Test

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    After quality testing we deliver your item back to you via Courier.

    Our Services

    What We Do

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    Handpiece Repair

    Certified Repairer for KaVo, Morita, B.A. International, NSK, Sirona, Bien Air, W&H and much more

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    Air Polisher Units

    Service and repairing Air Polisher units from EMS, KaVo and more

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    Ultrasonic Repairs

    We service a wide range of Ultrasonic Cleaning units from Coltene to B.A. International and more

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    Curing Lights & More

    We repair all Curing Lights from Morita, Kerr, Ultradent and more

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    Why Choose Us

    Some of Our Features

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    Professional Service

    Experienced fast, professional responses to your needs from the most acclaimed client service team in the business

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    Free Quote

    We offer a free quote no obligations guarantee.

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    Low Cost

    You benefit with FREE Quotations, freight in both directions, spindle concentricity tests for high speeds and Automatic Warranty Checking

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    Free Delivery

    We supply Pre Paid Postage Envelopes as well as Reply Paid packs

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    24-48 Hour Repairs

    Handpieces are returned faster because standard 24 – 48 hour turnaround times are backed by Australia’s largest stock of spare parts.

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    6-12 Month Warranty

    Up to 12 Warranty on Selected Repairs